Who We Are…

Sharing the peace.

Sharing the peace.


…and what we do!


As forgiven people of God, we, the family of St. David’s, believe in Jesus Christ. Through Word and Sacrament, we are called to grow in unconditional love, which is God’s grace. In gratitude, through the Holy Spirit, we will worship, teach, witness, serve and advocate for justice in our community. Together, we will support this mission through prayer and the generous sharing of our resources.

St. David’s is a congregation of the ELCA, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. That means we’re Lutheran. We follow the teachings of a man from the 1500s named Martin Luther. As Lutherans, we believe, above all, in the amazing gift of God’s grace - that God loves us (ALL of us!) unconditionally. And we are so joyful in that love that we can do nothing other than share that love with the whole world.

And all of this means we’re here to serve. This work takes us in a lot of different directions, as we seek to live it out in each new day - and we welcome your input on how we can better live into our identity as the Body of Christ in this time and place. We would like to share some resources with you:

  •  Evangelical Lutheran Church in America's page. www.elca.org

  • Some light reading about the guy who started this whole Lutheran thing: Martin Luther


Organizations that meet at Saint David's:

Sunday – NA Keys to Freedom 7:00 pm (Al Carr 215- 289-1031)

Monday – NA To Live Again 8:00 pm (Jordy London - 215-260-4185)

Tuesday - AIM (Angel in Motion) meets the 2nd & 3rd Tuesday of each month 7:00PM 

(Carol Rostucher 215-501-3357)